Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Singer giving away t-shirts for $30


Run past ball stadium to College, then to University.  

4’s take University to Westham and head south to River Rd

5’s and 6’s take right on Wood.  5’s take left on Lakewood to Westham then head south to River Rd

6’s stay on Wood to Waveny, then get on Westham and head south (see above)

All cross River to Country Squire to South Ridge then on down to Westham Station.

4’s climb Old Bridge to Highland – turnaround when it crests back to Westham Station.

5’s and 6’s take Highland all the way to River then turn around back to Westham Station

All return toward shopping center then through Bat Cave.

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  1. Wedding Singer on

    Well, they’re a couple years old now so let’s add ‘vintage’ t-shirts to that title, but increase the price up to $40 for inflation and memorabilia.