Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Not what you expected


YHC found 10 other gloom challengers waiting in ready position. This being April 1st YHC was full of challenges. After COP YHC called for a run to Genito which was met with groans. Luckily this was just April fools. YHC had also conspired with Hermie to move Roscos car during workout but he fartsacked. My personal favorite as getting to AO early enough to get Jinxy to ask for Rosco’s 2.0’s hand in marriage, but that did not workout, so on to the workout.

COP- 20 each SSH, LBC; 10 Each DQ’s, Jazzercise, Helicopters, Imperial Walkers, Tic/Toc’s, Coper head squat, Dead man hang, Merkins, Flutters, Dollies.  

Run to the villages. We appeared to be going to Genito but YHC made a hard right at the last second. Run the villiages stopping at each side street to perform PAX called exercises building in increments of 10. Started with 10 Merkins and included but not limited to: Drydocks, monkey humpers, Squats, LBC’s, etc. On the hill we did a 3X’s repeato with a Bernie down exercise and run back up. Made it to 100 then started reverso back down to 60 before we reached the flag. A lightning round of Mary finished us off.


Prayer Requests. Prayers to all PAX traveling over spring break.

YHC took us out in prayer. Make today AWESOME!


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