Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Legend of Zelda


Twelve men and a Pooch took to the mean streets surrounding Godwin HS for various mileages.  Legend has it the route was 5 miles, though no one’s watch could track it.  Too many lefts apparently.  Here’s where they went:

The Route

  • L on Pump
  • L on Falconbridge
  • L on Raintree
  • R on Ridgefield
  • L on Cox
  • L on Brookmont (zig zag at end to Pump)
  • R on Pump (L on Pump and circle Godwin for shorter route)
  • L on John Rolfe
  • L on Glen Eagles
  • L on Old Prescott back to the Flag

Numberama, Nameorama, COT


With the route pre-published, no instruction was necessary.  At 0530 the runners launched while the walkers awaited an FNG.  All returned safely with complaints that the route was somehow all uphill and no downhill, just like the route our parents walked to and from school.  Handshake has a name for the route.  Welcome Soul Train’s FNG, Link.  Hope to see you at DogPile. Prank your Ms today, they love that.


  • Whitesnake has a bluegrass festival to support Fisher House – Needs volunteers and attendees
  • There’s probably maybe doubtfully a HDHH Wednesday at The Answer – No Q at the moment
  • Gypsy is restarting West End lunch 2nd F – details to follow

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