Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



7 of RVA’s finest made their way to this 70 and sunny day at WDog. It’s been a little since YHC has posted here during the week with temporarily living in Midlo. Just to make sure they don’t miss me too much, a beatdown was called. This is what may have happened…


Long Mosey to take in the sights of Dogwood Dell, around the Carillon, passed Penny Stage (don’t worry we will see you soon), to the Amphitheater.

SSHs x20

Imperial Walkers x10

Ukrainian Soldiers x10

Don Quixotes x10

Helicopters x10

Arm Circles x10

The Thangggg

Stay in the Amphitheater, for some ascending incline merkins. 18 steps= 171 incline merkins

Well we must go back down, this time Dips meaning 171 dips at the finish line.

Mosey to Penny’s Stage and grab a coupon

Triple Check

Partner 1 (Timer)- Murder Bunny to the Fence and Mosey back

Partner 2: Coupon Swings

Partner 3: Bench Press

Next Round

Partner 1 (Timer 1)- Run to the Fence with coupon and back

Partner 2- Tricep Extensions

Partner 3- Curls

Mosey to the Triangle

Run to the bottom of the hill do 25 WWIIs and back to the top for 25 2-count Flutter Kicks

Back to the Flag!

Numberama, Namerama, Oyster took us out with an uplifting prayer to reach out to brothers we haven’t seen in awhile.


Bone Thugs is planning a run on 4/15 at RAMM so be on the lookout for a Pre-Blast with more info!


It was good to be at Wdog again and catch up with the guys I began with at F3. A lot of great mumble chatter as always with this crew between the difference of a GED and GRE and Hitchhiker transitioning from glamping to camping with the family, so wish him luck! Good luck to Bodos speaking at St. Michaels Catholic Church during their Lent series today. We got a little preview from Bodos on some potential jokes that will for sure warm up the crowd! Thank you for letting me lead today! Make it a great day!


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