Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

BYOB (Bring Your Own Block)


Eleven early risers picked up the mantle and posted for today’s edition of First Watch. Conditions were 70 and sunny. According to HoneyDo’s M (who posted to HER workout), the following likely happened:

Mosey around the parking lot. 1 Loop. Circle up on South Westham.

The COP, j-walking style:

6 Burpees
17 SSHs
23 LBCs
6 Don Quixotes
17 Merkins (Kudos to Handshake for the guest cadence)
23 APDs
6 Imperial Walkers
17 Dead Man Hang
23 flutter kicks

Mosey to pick up the blocks. Circle the parking lot, and meet up on the side of River Road.

Pick a partner.

Partner 1: Run to front of Church with the block. Return. On either crossing of the road, stop and do 3 block merkins.

Partner 2: Rotate between 10 reps of Squat Thrusters and 10 curls. Begin griping about the blocks.

Carry the block to the main church parking lot, stopping for 1 block burpee at each speed bump.

Pick a different partner.

The two partners coordinate (gasp!). 3 laps each.

Partner 1: One lap without any block, one lap with only one block, and one lap with two blocks.

Partner 2: Rotation of 6 burpees, 17 heels to Heaven, 23 flutter kicks.

Mosey to the side of the Church for block WWIIs (in the designated WWII area).

Slow mosey to put the blocks away and BTTVSF.

Numbers, names, YHC took us out.


Gomer is looking for a Q for a HDHH next week. No Q would mean no HDHH.

Bodo’s is apparently giving a public address today on the topic “Sin: good or bad?” Tune in to find out where Bodo’s stands.

Monday evening should mean Punisher Happy Hour. Usually, Bingo Bar. YHC doesn’t know if this is happening.

NMS: Splinter’s cat apparently was feeling achy today, so YHC jumped onto the Q Sheet for National “I’m in Control Day.” YHC knows that the PAX loves them some block work. And, since it is also Manatee Appreciation Day, what better represents a Manatee (terrible FNG name) than a concrete block?

Programming Notes for Future Q’s: Squat thrusters are awful. Block burpees are not much better. And, Gomer has apparently completed the Russian Army’s Concrete Block Logistics Training Course. Sir Charles Foxtrot joined the PAX briefly.

Hats off to Handshake for recognizing that today was about recklessly violating traffic laws.

Hi to Erin, who posted.

UpChuck spits the bit.


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  1. Rethinking the whole work out it definitely would have been a lot better not having to do squat thrusters

  2. Sir Charles Foxtrot is wonderful diction. Bravo ole chap!

    Our partnering recovery from said CF could have worked In a few permutations that mostly have to do with leaving the block in the center til my second round. Admittedly it’s a bit to ponder at 0517 with primal modalities ascending.

    Good show!