Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Not spring at HBR


Six stalwarts of the gloom took on the cold this morning. The Q promised to keep the PAX warm, with mixed results:

COP: SSH, Don Qs, Imperial Walkers, Flutterkicks, Scorpion Kicks, Merkins.

Dora 123: 100 HRMs, 200 Donkey Kicks, 300 Jump Squats. Over to basketball court: Bear Crawl between hoops with 10 WWIIs at each one. Mosey down to football field: 3 rounds of 30 Benchkicks and 15 Derkins. Jerkin Gym with 4 rounds of 8 Jerkins.

Back flag for 2 min of Mary. COT and YHC took us out.

Annoucements: HDHH next Wednesday at the Answer. West End lunch being restarted, see Gypsy/Slack for more details.

NMS: Some days the only reason you post is you signed up to Q. That was case for YHC this morning. But once we got moving we had fun. Handshake shared he hates Doras but with a perfect pax number of 6 it took a good while. There is still debate about what proper Atilla Release Merkins look like but it is still to dark to tell in the gloom. Congrats to Offshore’s 2.0 on his specialty school choice. We also learned Atilla’s in-laws sound super friendly.

Handshare shared that with spring here and COVID concerns dying off PAX should re-EH guys we have not seen in a while. YHC agrees. There are a lot of guys we have not seen in the gloom for various reasons. Reach out to someone and see how they are doing.


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