Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

If There Are No Turns, Will There Still Be Questions?


11 two-leggers and one two-wheeler (yeah, RAMM Gears, we see you!) braved the heavy air and avoided the flooding on Groooooove to take in the ever-challenging routes that are an everyday part of the RAMM. Conditions were ever-constant at 70 and sunny. According to the woman reading her phone while driving and turning and nearly running over Bodo’s (VA Plate: 1 MOBJAK), the following likely happened:

Route: Commonwealth. 45 minutes of Commonwealth. If you are not on Commonwealth, you have made a wrong turn.

Marketing Distraction (the PAX saw through this): run a giant suicide on Commonwealth. Grove to Franklin to Grove to Wythe to Grove to Cutshaw to Grove (something like 4 miles). Repeat Grove to Franklin one more time (5) or two more times (6).

Numbers, names, Marv was kind enough to take us out.

Announcements and Prayer Requests:

Ukraine. We are fortunate in the US that it is unlikely we will ever wake up to face the historical wrath of an autocrat with no moral limitations who runs a neighboring country with a large military and nuclear weapons. Ukraine does not have that luxury. Prayers for all of those who stand against aggression and wanton destruction, and further prayers for those whose lives are endangered as a result.

Our pals are running this morning. Bro code. Not the West End, once-a-month bro-code. This is the it’s-only-two-hills-in-the-Grand-Canyon Bro Code. Good luck, fellas. The PAX are pulling for you.


The PAX clearly, universally, and emphatically appreciated the simplicity of today’s route. Inspired by our “it’s only two hills” brethren, today’s route strove for simplicity: no hills, and only 3 turns, all 180 degrees. And, ever steadfast in their inquisitiveness, some sought to clarify, while others quickly realized that it was really just 45 minutes on Commonwealth. Nothing gets past the PAX.

UpChuck spits the bit.


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  1. Thank for letting me lead today, fellas. If you enjoyed it, please click like and Subscribe to feed the algorithm.

  2. While it was annoying to run back and forth and consistently have to wave to Saab, the route wasn’t bad. Or is it the other way around. It was annoying to run back and forth and it wasn’t bad seeing everyone’s face every time I turned around.

  3. Liked and subscribed and, I appreciated the print out directions. 6s still somehow missed the first turn.

  4. That’s hilarious.

    Bodos and YHC made the last turn at Franklin while watching another PAX continue onto ??? Hard to get lost on Commonwealth, so we figured he’d be back. Didn’t want to stop someone from getting extra credit.

  5. It was Faceplant’s fault. We were discussing how his bracket was in 1st place and his energy carried us well past the first turnaround.