Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Wordle, Turdle, or Squirdle?


Eleven trust wary Spiderlings gathered under the steam for today’s iteration of fun with hills. YHC apparently waited too long to give instructions which resulted in a 5:31 launch. Good thing TYA wasn’t there.

The Route

  • Left out of the parking lot and right up towards the football stadium
  • Left on Campus, straight through the path and left on Wheeler
  • 4s right on Ridge Top and right on Chandler
  • 5s right on Horsepen, right on Patterson, right on Ridge Top and left on Chandler
  • 6s left on Hampshire to Baldwin, right on Westham, right on Patterson, right on Ridge Top and left on Chandler
  • Everyone up Chandler and through the path to Bandy
  • Left on Three Chopt, right on Kensington
  • Kensington DEAD ENDS!!! Trust me, it does. 6 milers confirmed.
  • Veer right at the dead end and follow Stuart back to a left on Honaker
  • Honaker to Boatwright
  • Left on Campus, right on UR drive, back to the VSF

Numbers, names, and YHC took us out before Hitch came stumbling in after making friends with a custodian.


Boy, you guys really didn’t trust me. Apparently the 4s and 5s didn’t think Kensington ever ended. 5s really didn’t trust me and turned right off of Kensington onto Honaker. 4s almost trusted me but came up short on Chanticleer. Faceplace was in full on trust mode and followed YHC all the way to the end. Trust fall exercise may be interesting with this bunch.

Sounds like there were ample reports of too much mexican, chili, or loaded baked potatoes last night, resulting in a few of the pax finding their own path through Bandy. Blame it on the dog I suppose.

Congrats to Faceplant who somehow picked St Peters over Kentucky but didn’t stick with them to the Sweet Sixteen.

Best of luck to everyone out there, whether it’s brackets, driving an 80s Volvo, or running the Grand Canyon.

Splinter out.



  1. Confirmed by Google Maps. Kensington Dead Ends. Will never doubt Splinter again. I blame FICO and Bodos.

  2. Wedding Singer on

    For the record, I just didn’t trust Pucker. I also didn’t recall hearing it initially. Otherwise great route Splinter, hope to see it again sometime.

  3. Glad to hear we have two members of the Unwavering Trust of Splinter club. Your iron-on tattoo is in the mail.

  4. I have blind trust in you splinter, and I had blind trust when I picked St. Peter’s