Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

We doing this thang?


5 WDog regulars jumped out of the fartsack and were ready to take on the day! Let’s get after it!

Let’s do a hot potato; Oyster starts the Q. Let’s mosey to the circle

SSH, DQ, Imperial Walkers, Burpee, Arm Circles, Ukrainian Solders (UK count), Merkins, LBC. 

Oyster – takes the Q
Mosey to the Penny Stage. Grab a coupon. 
3 rounds
1:  10 block burpees, 20 chest press, 20 rows.  Run to 3 trees. 
2:  10 block burpees, 20 Squats, 20 curls. Run to 3 trees. 
3:  10 block burpees, 20 block helicopters, 20 block Merkins.  Run to 3 trees. 
Return Coupons

Oyster:  Mosey to the amphitheater.  
5 box jumps.  Return to the bottom 10 SSH. 
Move up to the next step: 5 box jumps return to the bottom 10 SSH.  
Repeat until you get to the top.  

Oyster:  Mosey back to the flag for a ring a fire. 
Bodos – 10 Merkins, Faceplant – 10 no name Merkins, Hitchhiker – 10 widegrips, FICO – 10 diamonds, Oyster – 10 merkins. 

Oyster:  A little Mary
American Hammers, not so lazy lazy boys, flutter kicks, WWII




Bodo’s took us out!

HDHH today at O’Tooles (Midlothian) 5:30pm.
HDHH St. Patty’s edition: tomorrow 3/17, 6pm. Capital Ale House Innsbrook.
June 4th – The Bridge — see slack for more details

NNMS: After taking about a week off (for travel and then for laziness) it’s been great getting back into the schedule. The fartsack and the sad clown sure does creep back in fast. Thank you brothers for being there every single morning and holding each other accountable. Let’s reach out to someone we haven’t seen in awhile and see if we can spark some motivation.


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