Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



300 Spartans…I mean 12 Spartans…battled the oncoming onslaught of Persians at Huguenot Park. Here’s what the history books recorded :

Mosey to parking lot next to soccer fields

Warmarama : 20 SSH IC, 10 Don Q’s IC, 10 Cherry Pickers IC, 10 Ukrainian Soldiers IC, 10 Imperial Walkers IC, 10 Merkins IC

Mosey to Soccer Field

Spartan : PAX line up and sprint 100 yrds, do 10 merkins at the finish and walk back to the start all together. Continue until you have done 30 x100 yrd sprints and 30×10 = 300 Merkins. (We completed 20 sprints and 200 Merkins)

Mosey back to basketball court next to Ole Glory for some Mary : Not So Lazy Boys (hold 20 seconds in the middle, to the right, in the middle, to the left, and in the middle one last time), 1 minute of WWII’s




COT : HDHH tomorrow 3/16 at O’Tooles Midlothian at 5:30 pm

Another Happy Hour this Thursday 3/17 from 6 pm – 8 pm at Capital Ale House Innsbrook. Gomer will buy a beer for any FNG.

Saturday June 4 Vinny is Q’ing the Bridge. Coordinate your clown cars. I am negotiating with the M as we speak to rearrange family plans so I can make it.

NMMS : No shame in only completing 20 sets of the Spartan today. Even the Spartans lost some battles to the Persians. We live to fight another day! *Did I have my PAX count right in this BB? Any PAX names I’m missing?*


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  1. Go for it Splinter! I stole the idea from the national F3 Exicon along with 99% of everything else I Q haha. I like trying new stuff.