Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

40 Whacks, the crime in the late 1800’s


YHC pulled in to see 3 brothers waiting in the lot for an afternoon workout. While placing the shovel flag, 40 whacks shows up so we have 5 for this afternoon. So YHC grabbed his gym bag of bands and we proceeded for warm ups in front of the school.


We circle up and perform the following for a nice warm up: 20 SSH, 10 4-ct slow descend good mornings, 10 DQ’s, 15 Ukrainian Soldiers, 15 Imperial Walkers, 15 Arm Circles, 10 small 5 big, Reverso, 10 Helicopters, 20 4ct American Hammers, 10 4ct LBC’s.


So YHC pulls our the bands and we set up 4 stations and have one person running as the timer. Station 1 50lb band, Station 2 30lb band, Station 3 60lb band and Station 4 40lb Band. Station 5 was the Runner. So to make sure all PAX received a good benefit from the bands, primary instructions were to maintain the rep count from the first effort of the exercise. When performing 5 sets, the latter sets become progressively harder to complete, but the goal is to complete as many reps as the previous set. You may do more; however, that rep count becomes the new standard for number of reps for the exercise. For the Routine YHC performed Station 1 (S1)Curls, S2 – Shoulder Raises, S3 -Squats / Bench press, S4-tricep extensions. We finish the 5th set and Mosey back to flag and 45 minutes was up. A nice cross fit workout this afternoon.


Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out in prayer.


So the question came up on the 40 whacks origination. Chum Bucket had come up with this name but was running the lap while the remaining pax were trying to come up with an explanation. YHC looked is up as it was a school rhyme stating :

Lizzie Borden had an axe
She gave her mother 40 whacks
When she saw what she had done
She gave her father 41

So you can imagine this needed more research and it happened 130 years ago in Fall River, Massachusetts (1892). Lizzie was found not guilty after the Jury deliberated for 10 minutes. There is now a bed and breakfast at this location and the motto is Where everyone is treated like family. It is said that Lizzie’s ghost still wanders around the property.

So now you know a little more about 40 whacks!

It was an honor to lead this afternoon gents, see you in the gloom. Cheers…CB!


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