Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ride the Lightning


This was a wet one folks.  Only 6 Die Hards made it out to Dog Pile today.  Through moderate rain, some driving rain, and a few lightning strikes – this is what went down: 

arm circles, cherry pickers, DQs, SSHs, mt climbers, WWIIs, and Merkins.  

The Thang: 

Valley of Swampy Despair (11s):
At the top we did 10 burpees, then tried not to bust our butts sliding down the hill, ran into the swamp at the bottom, and then to other summit for one 2-count American Hammers, then 9 Burpees and 2 AHs, and so on.  In the midst of this exercise is when the workout got its name, which is taken from Metallica’s album Ride the Lightning, because we almost did.  After thunder roared just overhead, Handshake said, “If you’re trying to make a point, you’ve made it”.  His point was taken, so we moved to the sanctuary of the stage to modify this one and finish it out.  

Triple Check on the stage.  P1 Bear Crawls the width of the stage and is the timer.  P2 Ball Dips.  P3 SSHs.  

After the lightning moved on (the rain never did), we left the relative safety of the amphitheater and ventured out.  We did a Dora and Partnered up.  P2 got a coupon.  P1 touched 2 trees while P2 did 100 coupon curls, then 100 squat thrusts, 100 kettle bell swings, and 100 bench presses (for this one, we were back on stage, the Penny Stage, for a little less laying in the mud).  

Walk Like an Egyptian – 
This was like a Native American run, but with lunges while the last man jailbreaked to the front, done along the length of the Carillon.  

Getting back to the other side of the Carillon, same idea, but we crab walked, hopped and bear crawled.  

SSHs Plus – 
We circled up and did SSHs (OYO).  Members of the Pax were called on to initiate a core exercise.  15 were done.  Then return to SSHs.  And so on.  


Numbers, names, announcements, prayer requests and prayer.  We prayed for Lighthouse and the safety of his family in Kiev, Ukraine as well as a couple other gentlemen in F3 going through family problems.  

Moleskin: Thank you to the men that braved the weather to share in fitness, fellowship and faith today.  It is appreciated.  



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  1. Gents, your commitment and grit showed today. And as always, it was a joy to grab some coffee and chat afterwards. (fist bump!)

  2. You know that feeling when your butt first gets wet at a workout?

    Not today. Full rain forest from the start. The five guys who posted with me are total studs. Handshake said,”I have never thought about leaving a workout until now.”

    That was at the end of the COP.

    Mr. Rogers brings it. Nice.