Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Parking Lot Karen


7 Southside gentlemen showed up at Bettie Weaver Elementary School on an excellent morning for a workout/run. All 7 started off on the road toward James River High School and the 5 boot campers peeled off to the parking lot and 2 runners kept going to tackle 6ish miles on the morning. The boot camp is where the fun happened.

After a warmup of some DQ, IW, SSH, Merkins and LBC in front of the school entrance we heard a little story about a co-worker that didn’t think the needed to make sure the lugnuts are on your car when the dealer rotates your tires (hint, the tire does not stay on the car). Parking lot tracers in the bus parking lot until YHC got tired of them and moseyed over to the tennis courts. A quick 4 corners within the fence – 10HRM, 20 Jump squats, 30 Freddies, 40 Mtn Climbers. Over to the school workout area for 5 pullups each. YHC missed the tire pile next to the school so we moseyed over there for a little tire flipping fun. Grab a tire, flip it 10x in the parking lot, run to the building, come back flip it 10x; or at least that was the plan until our own Parking Lot Karen showed up to cut this idea short. More detail later.

Pull up bars – 5 more pullups/jerkins. Track – repeato 4 corners. Playground 5 more pullups. 2 burpees per light pole on the mosey back to the flag and close out with some Mary and Ring of Fire.

Good distance traveled to show off some of the lesser seen parts of the the AO. Be on the lookout for Q’s in May when there could be plans to hit the River for some sunrise workouts.

Here’s how we threw off the morning of some poor woman in the back James River High School parking lot. After the first round of tire flipping a car shows up – we move the tires and ourselves out of the drive aisle so she can drive through or park in any of the 20+ parking spaces…no movement. Move one tire out of a parking space…no movement…she puts the blinker on…we look around, one tire left in the last parking space in the line. We move that tire so she can pull in and complete an 8 point turn to get the car just right. Somewhere a teacher is complaining about a group of hoodlums that hijacked the school’s tires and refused to move them some she could get into her preferred parking space. Sorry for disturbing your morning routine, future uses of the tires, and there will be future uses, will be done in the field (or in that last parking space depending on how bitter we’re feeling).

Have a great day gentlemen.

HDHH – O’Tooles Midlothian on Wednesday 3/16 – a pre-St. Patty’s day warm up for those interested.


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