Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

In College There Was A Girl We Called Sharrow


A relatively light crew of 8 launched from RAMM for some fun around the city streets. Two launched at 5, the rest quickly huddled prior to 530 for the following instructions. YHC was reminded that today was Friday and we were only supposed to run. Regardless, this is what we did:

The Route

  • 4s go north on Commonwealth to a right on Monument
  • 5s / 6s go west on Grove
  • 5s take a right on Lexington, right on Patterson, left on Chantilly, right on Monument
  • 6s take a right on Roslyn to Harlan, left on Patterson, right on Willow Lawn, right on Monument
  • Everyone take Monument to a right on Boulevard
  • Right on Floyd
  • On Floyd, every time you passed a “Sharrow” you had to do a burpee. There were many.
  • Right on Nansemond, left on Grove BTTVSF

Numbers, names, YHC took us out.


Light crew today, must be either spring break or the UVA fans didn’t want to show up after a 13 point first half last night. Either way, those who showed up ran.

YHC was inspired the other day while driving down Floyd to somehow incorporate this road into a workout, given the ample number of Sharrows that were painted on the road. Faceplant proceeded to disclose his company is responsible for many of the bike lanes that now exist throughout the city. He also disclosed any of the Sharrows that have a painted background are not federally recognized, so we skipped those burpees. Pays to have someone on the inner circle in your running group.

While sitting in my car at 515 looking to see who had the Q and realizing it was open, YHC took the opportunity to introduce the PAX to all the Sharrows on Floyd. Everyone rejoiced.

Good luck to everyone running this weekend, wherever they may be running.


  • Prayers for Roger Roger and his family as they navigate the next few weeks of recovery
  • The port-o-jon that the city installed at the bus stop on Monument near Willow Lawn is locked. Apparently only bus drivers have the key.

Have a great weekend gentlemen.

Splinter out.


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  1. Great route this morning! Hopefully it makes it back again! Thanks for the fast pace this morning too splinter. If you have comments on bike lanes in the city I take all feedback on alternating Tuesday’s from 9:03 AM to 9:04 AM.