Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Concierge Q


An intimate foursome gathered in the forge gloom and each was asked “what do you need this morning?” Without a specific plan in mind, YHC gathered the PAX was interested in stretching, running DTH’s neighborhood hills, getting warm, and exercising the core. Service with a smile, here’s what we did:



  • Mosey loop
  • Circle up for IC reps

COP #1:

  • Cross Forrest Hill Ave for a  Neighborhood mosey, stopping periodically for variable IC reps, heavy focus on Core exercises, and some stretching as well

COP #2:

  • Form up at the bottom of the Stratford Road “Love Hill” for a DORA
  • x100 Merkins
  • x200 Lunges (single-count)
  • x300 Flutters (2-count)
  • Moving partner runs to top of hill and back down to switch

Mosey BTTF:

  • SNUFF led a few minutes of breathing exercises 

YHC apologizes – there was no formalized COT… but we had four Forge Vets who share life and love, and we ended our time with Namaste and Tailgate Coffeerama. 

NMS:  After leading some painful routines at Dogpile and NoToll, YHC was ready for something a little lighter today. The week has been extremely busy, and no plan was made, except to serve the PAX whatever they needed. We left no man behind, and we found each other stronger together at the end. God is good all the time, and giving Him  our burdens, relinquishing control of our lives to His perfect Love, is where we can find a peace that surpasses understanding. Love and Grace, DTH


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  1. Chaplain has a 1980’s Themed Q at Rock-N-Roll Sat AM, and remember to come out at 0630 to get a couple miles of Morning Wood with Bone Thugs beforehand (sounds dirty, but guess you’ll have to show up to fond out).