Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Geese were Pootin


A dozen at Gridiron today. Huge quantities of Canadian Geese were pootin which required some selective changes in the location of some of our exercises. It was great to see 12 people today.

You have to be impressed with the courage of the Ukrainians, and admire their President, Zelensky: “I need ammunition, ‘not a ride’.” I offer my thoughts and prayers for Ukraine and those (Lighthouse) that have family there.

To the goal line of the football field:

20 SSHs, 10 Man-maker Merkins, 15 Knee-ups and a stretching exercise

To the parking lot closer to the school:

20 Ukrainian Soldiers, 10 Diamond Merkins, 15 American Hammers and a stretching exercise

To the parking lot in front of the school:

20 IWs, 15 Crunchy Frogs, 10 Stagger arm Merkins and a stretching exercise

To the side of the south side of the school:

20 lunges, 10 Stagger arm Merkins, 20 Dollies and a stretching exercise

Using the loading dock: 3X

Behind the railing to the loading dock: 20 Squats, over the rails and down the loading dock: 20 APDs

To the wall in front of the school:

People’s Chair 15 Air Press, 10 BTTW Hip Slaps, 15 Donkey Kix OYO

People’s Chair 15 Muhammad Ali, 10 BTTW Australian Mountain Climbers, 15 Donkey Kix OYO

People’s Chair 15 Milkers, 10 BTTW Toe Taps, 15 Donkey Kix OYO

People’s Chair 15 Lalannes, 10 Dirty Hookup, 15 Donkey Kix OYO

To the bottom of the hill up to the football field: 3X

10 Get-ups, up to the top of the hill, 10 hand release Merkins

To the parking lot, find an intersection of lines; jump in each quadrant:

Jump in cadence counterclockwise 20 count, then 20 times clockwise, then 20 times back and forth over a line, stretch in between ’20 count jump’

To the historic school’s pull-up bars, near the pickle-ball courts: 3X

10 Pullups, 10 Dips (on parallel bars), 20 LBCs and 20 squats:

Back to the fence around the football field:

Gomer’s sobriety test: balance on one leg while touching ground 3 times per cadence: 8 each leg.

Back to the parking lot for stretching exercise and then 6-inch leg lift for 60-count.

Finish with 5 Burpees in honor of an injured Homer

Take by YHC


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  1. Ukrainian soldiers. Love it.

    Putin likes to fashion himself as being in shape, but we have our 69 year old already.