Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Probation needs your help! Get Some!


10 masters of their domain greeted a cool morning for a brocode run – Currahee’s band of brothers run as one on the final Friday of the month.

Route was the old standby: Ridgefield, Copperas, Church, Pump and the backside of the school for 4.5m.  Walkers took the Burnside, Glen Eagles, Ridgefield route for 2 miles.

Roger Roger took us out.  Prayers for Ukraine, soldiers and people impacted on the front line.

Announcements, HDHH Wed at PBR in daville.  Second anniversary of Currahee in nearly two months.

NMS –   

Great to see Probation for the second time in a year.  Truly.  He even made it out in two conditions that violate his sensitivities, rain and below 45.  Maybe he knows his MUFFIN is not going to melt itself. Maybe he fears that he will get renamed again lest the PAX disbelieve he is anything other than a FNG (Citadel?).  Is it courageous for Probation to admit that negative peer pressure from the PAX is a motivator?  He did make it clear that without Handshake’s post lights out brotherly text of admonishment, and nearly failing to represent the storied Institute, he would not have gotten out from the fartsack.

Well, YHC is not along is saying that we are better when Probation is amongst the PAX.   

PAX in attendance, you heard it from the horses mouth: some people like to be motivated by admonishment, haranguement, threats, beratement, and cajoling…. ok men, you have your mission – get hot!

Get some!



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