Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The A version


A prime 7 showed up to the Forge this morning to enjoy the dry 40’s before a supposed inclement weather event.

Warmup: mosey around the loop with side shuffle, high knees, butt kickers and then circle up near the Forest Hill entrance for: 15x SSH, 10x Cherry Pickers, 10x DQ, 10x manmakers, 10x LBC, 10x rosalita.

We started off with a 5 oak suicide run along Forest Hill using the five large oak trees and performing a cumulative: 10x superman, 20x LBC, 30x calf raises, 40x MHs, 50x SSH.

Cross the center driveway and line up for a bridges and boulders YMCA throwback along Forest Hill frontage all the way to the illuminated sign, then partner up for 30x PLT and 20x boo yah merkins.

Drop down to the bus loop for a native american curb crawl circuit + 2 x 10 squats followed by a triple check 1) run the bus loop 2)crab cakes & 3)burpees (the “A” version, this crew was in far to good of shape to bring the backup “B” version YHC had considered for the triple check)

Mosey to the corner guardrail at the front of the school to partner up for 2 x 30 dips (one round hands facing front, one round hands facing back) then hit the road back to Mt. Chaplin for the finale.

Up and over: starting on the Forest Hill side, three rounds of crawl bear up, 30x exercise (WWII, HRM, Copperhead Squats), run down the hill and Bernie Sanders back up to the start.

Time was up and back to the flag we went for numberama, namerama, announcements (hump day happy hour Wednesday 2/2 and this Sunday 3p ruck from Mary Mumford – see Wilson for the Slack info) and YHC took us out.

Moleskine: Solid work today gents & thanks for humoring another Garbage Plate Q adventure, dodging the downed oak branches and scuffing up the knees a bit like a fifth grade field day. There was some really interesting odd number partnering action on the dips & I was impressed with the 5 way creativity. Nice job Dealer – hanging in there for a demanding second post! Until next time, GP


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