Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lets play the Random Numbers Game


13 Bootcampers and 3 Runners posted on this warm 70 and sunny day with the wind chill feels like 32. According to the full parking lot of bus drivers this is what they saw

Mosey to the far lot for COP

DQ’s, Helicopters, Russian Soldiers, Peter Parkers, Merkins, Shoulder taps, run the length of the front of the school and back

Start the Random Numbers game: PAX gets in a circle YHC has a list of 20 exercises and 20 numbered slips of paper with 3 special marked papers. Each PAX is given an opportunity to draw a slip from the container and PAX does the corresponding exercise from the list. Every 5th draw a run the length of the front of the school is had.

  1. Lap around the school
  2. 10 2 count peter parker Merkins
  3. 30 LBC’s
  4. 40 Squats
  5. 50 Side Straddle Hops
  6. 60 single count shoulder taps
  7. Wild Card
  8. 8 2 count Ball Dippers
  9. 90 Raise the Roofs
  10.  10 Merkins IC
  11. Wild Card
  12.  12 Donkey Kicks
  13.  13 Schrunchy Frogs
  14.  14 2 count Hello Dollies
  15.  15 Plank Jacks IC
  16.   16 2 count Rosalitas
  17.  17 Mountain Climbers IC
  18.  18 2 count American Hammers
  19.  19 Smirf Jacks
  20.  20 Hoedowns IC

Once all the numbers have been drawn mosey to the Tennis court for some 4 corners 10 Squats, 20 Merkins, 30 LBC’s Time is called mosey BTTF

Numbers / Names Marmaduke took us out


YHC did something like this in IN over the Christmas break so last night the plan for turning it into somewhat of a game was hatched. YHC did realize that there are a few kinks that will need to be ironed out but overall I think the Random Numbers game will be seen again.


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  1. Prayers for Bullseyes Coworker

    Florence has the Q at Timberwolf and Rock n Roll, come out and join in the fun

    HDHH M friendly event at Triple Crossing Midlothian on February 2nd AKA Nancy Lopez birthday (50)

  2. Appreciate the thought and effort you put into your Q’s Doozy. It makes it unique and interesting. Side Note : *Abignale* is the spelling of that PAX’s name. It’s a little weird haha

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