Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What is this, musical Q’s???


4 freshly cut mullets made their way to Rock n Roll ready for a Chaplain lead tour of an 80s themed beatdown only to find (the only one old enough to remember the 80s) YHC had to take the Q because Chaplain is now in quarantine. According to the park walkers this is what happens when Doozy makes things up.

Cop at the Basketball court

DQ’s, 5 Burpees OYO

Mosey to the guard rail

Balance on the rail while doing helicopters, balance while doing dead man hangs. Jump forward off the rail turn and jump back up. PAX learned this is very difficult for Tobit to manage so we completed two and before we have to take Tobit to the hospital an audible was called.

Mosey out along the main walkway and YHC sees a path off to the left with a pavilion looks like a good spot to partner up for a modified triple check

Partner 1 does an exercise while partner 2 runs (Dips, Incline merkins, gas pumps)

Mosey and see where this path goes, while on the path YHC notices lots of good hills. This means that we need to use them

Partner 1 runs the hill to the top partner 2 does exercise (X3 can’t remember all we did but YHC does know we did some merkins)

Mosey and continue this path exploration with the lake off to the right, look another hill

DTH suggests that it perfect for bearcrawls

Bear crawl up 10 jump squats run back down, Ball dippers at the bottom Bernie back to the top squats and Bernie back down

Mosey look another pavilion with lots of picnic tables, we did some dips and derkins

Mosey along the path and found a workout station with 4 exercise stations, we have 4 HIM each one take a station. PAX will do an exercise for 1 minute and then switch, YHC will call start after 10 seconds of rest. (step ups, Incline merkins, gas pumps and pull ups)

Mosey along path and find another station with an incline pole, after much debate on how to use it PAX decided to each take a turn jumping up to touch the highest point. We found that not one of us stands a chance at making a basketball team anytime in the near future.

Mosey along the path and find a map on a sign. We are not far from through but there are several options and time is getting late. Chose the most direct route towards the baseball fields. Once at the baseball fields make a right in between them to the stairs. 2 to a side for some Paula Abdul’s bearcrawl up 2 crawlbear down with a merkin at the top of each set of 2 forward. repeto all the way to the top. Fugitive left his water bottle at the bottom of the stairs so we have to go back for it. While down here we might as well use the stairs again. Box jump 2 steps donkey kicks on the wall at the top back down the other side low slow squats lung back up for wall sits and just for fun DTH suggests some Hoedowns.

Mosey around through the playground back to the basketball court for a merkin ring of fire (20 each)

BTTF Tobit says 1.5 minutes remaining. LBC’s IC (X30)

Numbers / Names DTH took us out


Originally this was Hardywoods day to Q, his son had a soccer tournament so Florence and him switched weekends. Florence was told by his M that the 15th they were throwing a birthday party for his 2.0 and his dream of Qing was put on hold and he switched weekends with Chaplain. Chaplain texted YHC last night to let him know that he had been exposed and would need to quarantine just to be safe. YHC took the Q and decided to make it up as he went along and a good time was had by all.

The End


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  1. I will be adding a South of the Southside HDHH to Slack in the near future so be on the look out for that. It may be at the new Triple Crossing or Steambell YHC just needs to see what there times are.

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