Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Suck at the Swamp


A strong 8 gathered in the relatively mild Friday gloom at Twin Team – a veritable crowd by recent TT standards. 5 were there to bootcamp and 3 were getting in some hill work in training for their upcoming Star City race. Here is how it went down…

Runners head to the namesake hill; Bootcampers mosey around back of BWES to the blacktop for COP, including:

DQs, Helicopters, Russian Soldiers, Imperial Walkers, Shoulder Taps, Merkins, and LBCs

Mosey down to the Swamp to start the action:

THE SUCK – birthed here many years ago when an awkward 5-some posted for a workout, it seemed time to bring it back. 4 Pax members spread out on the track about 10 yards apart and performed exercises while #5 (the rabbit and timer) runs.

ROUND 1 – Rabbit runs the track. When the rabbit returns we yell switch – one PAX member doing exercises takes off running, the others bearcrawl forward 10 yards and start the new exercise. Exercises were Freddie Mercuries, Star Jumps, Mountain Climbers and SSHs.

ROUND 2 – Rabbit runs the straight away and then back. Exercises were LBCs, Lunges, Shoulder Taps and Squats

Plank o rama to catch our breath and then off we go – Mosey to the covered sidewalk by the high school for:

EMOM – Every Minute on the Minute perform exercises, wall sit with jabs and upper-cuts to fill out the minute:

ROUND 1 – 2 Burpees, 20 Donkey Kicks, wall sit and punch

ROUND 2 – 3 Burpees, 20 DKS, wall sit and punch

ROUND 3 – 4 Burpees, 20 DKs, wall sit and punch

ROUND 4 – 5 Burpees, 20 DKs, wall sit and punch

Mosey through the parking lot back to BWES stopping at a couple lightpoles for some merkins and shoulder taps and doing the Bernie Sanders up the muddy hill.

Back at BWES under cover, it was time for 10 Minutes of Mary, including:

3 rounds of – 1 minute plank and a variety of crunches and oblique work, finished off with a minute of straight-leg twists or pulling the invisible rope.

With abs burning it was time to head BTTF. Runners returned for COT, numbers, names, prayers and out


Exciting 80s themed workout with movie quotes, hair-band songs and trivia tomorrow 0700 at Rock N Roll

Vinny returns with the Q at Dogpile tomorrow for what is sure to be a great beatdown.


It was a great morning. Glad to see more than a couple folks at TT, even if 3 escaped the SUCK and went for a run. Apologies to the PAX for 10 minute ab-blaster, but YHC has a daily 10-minute ab challenge going with the fam and I needed to knock that out early today. Thanks for letting me lead. Always a pleasure.

No more Gumbo for You…til Tuesday (unless I get snowed into Charlotte Sunday night).


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