Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It was Hard all Week


8  fierce men over dressed for what turned out to be another 70 and Sunny day at Satan’s Hill.   Let’s get after it!

Mosey to the front of the neighborhood and back then circle up.  SSH, Helicopters, DeadMan Hang, Reach for the stars, Arm Circles, Russian Solders, DQ, Freddy Mercuries.

Up Satans Hill we go:  From the bottom, 30 Bear Crawls, 30 lunges, 10 Broad Jump Burpees.   Repeat until we get to the top.

Partner Up:

10 Booyah Merkins
Partner 1 – Run to the bottom and back
Partner 2 – American Hammers
10 Booyah Merkins.

10 Booyah Merkins
Partner 1 – Run to the Stop Sign and back.
Partner 2 – Flutter Kicks
10 Booyah Merkins

10 Booyah Merkins
Partner 2 – Starts the Run this round. Up to the 4th Mailbox and back
Partner 1 – Dying Cock Roaches
10 Booyah Merkins…. (This better be the last Booyah Merkins said the group)

Mosey to the Rocks.
Partner 1 – Lunge with a Heavy Rock to Roscoe’s Car.  Leave the Rock and Sprint back.
Partner 2 – American Hammers with Rock.
Switch – next person Sprints to the Rock and Lunges back.

Partner 1 – Carry Rock overhead to Roscoe’s car.  Leave the Rock and Sprint back.
Partner 2 – Alabama Prom Dates with the Rock.   Be Gentle!
Switch – next person Sprints to the Rock and Carries overhead back.

Partner 1 – 5 Steps then Squat with Rock until you get to Roscoes Car, leave rock.
Partner 2 – WWII with Rock
Switch – next person Sprints to the Rock and 5 steps, squat until you get back. Return Rocks.

Meet at the Line:
Butt Kickers
Hi Knees
Bernie Sanders

Perfect Form Merkins – PAX choice.
Merkins, diamonds, Chuck Norris, Peter Parkers, Wide Grip, Hand Release, 

Five Minutes of Mary – PAX Choice.
Freddy Mercuries, Rosalitas, Susan Summers, Lazy 2 year olds, Crunchy Frogs, Box Cutters

BTTF:  Mosey back to the flag.

NMMS:  YHC was preplanning a fart sack the day before.  The inner voice said “Imma wake you up at 4:30am anyway”.   So YHC grabbed the Q and made plans to take on Satans Hill.   The plan was to keep the heart rate up without dying.   Mission accomplished.   The 20 something in the group said “It was Hard All Week”.   Yes, we remember those days too!!




Be on the look out for a Post from Nancy Lopez.  Tough Mudder is coming to Petersburg in APRIL.   He would like to get an F3 team together.  Let’s do this!

Nancy Lopez and Wilson are planning a GLOW event to support Galactosemia Research.  Be on the look out for more information on this soon.   

VegaBond – Is raising funds for the Special Olympics.  He will be doing the Polar Plunge on Feb 5th. Which also includes a 4 mile run.    https://impact.specialolympicsva.org/fundraiser/3578317


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