Wednesday, January 26
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Christmas at First Watch


11 Elves went on a Christmas lights tour of River Road Hills at 5am this morning hoping that Santa would show up at the end. After several PAX asked for headlamps, after YHC asked for a timekeeper (thanks EFH and Splinter) and after Handshake fell in line, 5am hit and off we went.

Mosey to the front of the church for COP:

SSH’s, Helicopters, DQ’s, Imperial Walkers, Merkins(sorry Splinter), and Crab Cakes. Enough, let’s roll!

Mosey up River Rd to Ralston Road

At each mailbox, take the house number and do that many reps of an exercise. There were Burpees, Merkins(sorry Splinter), WW2’s, LBC’s, Flutter Kicks, Hello Dollies, Rosalitas, Crunchy Frogs, Jump Squats, Deep Squats and possibly some others.

Once we reached 105 Ralston, we changed things up and went onto that house’s front lawn which has a nice hill. Whoever lives there had some really nice outdoor Christmas lights which gave us a nice, warm glow to see what we were doing. Curb style crawls on the front lawn. Crawl Bear up 1 merkin, Bear Crawl down 2 merkins, etc. up to 5, back down to 1 (sorry Splinter)

Gather the PAX up in the street and head down Ralston to the bottom of the big hill for a Triple Check: Timer runs up the hill and back down while partners are doing PLT’s.

Quick session of Al Gores.

Complete a traveling Lindsay on the way back to River Rd via Kingston and Gaymont Roads. Exercises were Reverse Crunches and Carolina Dry Docks(sorry Splinter)

Mosey back to the VSF and circle up for some Mary: American Hammers, APD’s, Heels to Heaven and 8 Burpees to finish off the clock.

Numberama, Namearama, Announcements and YHC took us out in prayer!


Bacon Bits has his VQ at First Watch next Wednesday!

Ruck/Canned food items collection launching from Hoedown at 8pm this Friday! Fire pit and Canned beer items after at Lockjaw’s!


Great numbers this morning for a little tour of a neighborhood that needs to decorate for Christmas better or either turn on their decorations at 5am for the FW PAX to see. It is December, by the way! Way to work hard this morning, men, and thanks for following me around my ‘hood! FICO made his second workout, keep coming out! We are glad to have you!

Santa did show up, by the way! Gifts from YHC to the PAX to show my appreciation for the friendship and support each week. Extra gifts go to Splinter for hitting his goal in the November Merkin Challenge and EF Hutton for hitting his Merkin Challenge goal and completing the October run a mile a day challenge!! Well done!!

Have a great day!



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  1. Great traveling AO this morning Kubota. I even learned a little with that new 2021 math they are teaching the kids these days.

    Thanks for the special gift! Makes getting up at 5am all the better.

  2. I really wanna know what FICO’s M said when he came back from his 2nd post at 6:00 with a handful of GBS cans. My M only rolled her eyes but she is used to our hijinks…

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