Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Root of 1,521


A dozen SOJ vets RSVP’d Aye! to the Tryhard Birthday Beatdown invite. A few showed up early for a frozen yogurt (broga) appetizer, and Doublemint provided a comedy warmup leaving us all in stitches. The beats dropped at 0530, YHC grabbed the shovel flag, and the PAX tried to keep up. Here’s how we enjoyed (per Doublemint), Just The Tip: 


Shovel flag planted on the field sideline, rock music thumping on the speaker, and the PAX circled up. YHC welcomed and provided the outline: To honor 39 times around the sun, the PAX would complete 39 reps of different exercises a total of 39 rounds.

After the first five sets, YHC called on Snuff to keep track of the Rounds since YHC was barely keeping up with calling the 39 reps for each exercise. 

At blazing speeds (for fear we’d run out of time), great exercise variety ensued, leaving the PAX fairly devoid of mumble chatter. 

At one of the stretch breaks, a comment was made about the lack of moseying, and the tunes had to be adjusted as the rock had slumped into something “low and slow”. 

Quite surprisingly, the PAX absolutely slammed out 38 rounds by 6am, so with 15 minutes left, YHC called for a little mosey/burpee cooldown, and the PAX “gladly” completed 5 burpees at 7 different stops around the fields perimeter, alternating mosey and bernie between stops, and closing it out with a final 4 Body Builder burpees back at the flag. BOOM! 1,521 reps completed, and with time to spare! 

Shovel flag uprooted, mosey back to the lot, and circle up. Last Call was tagged to provide a 3 minute Broga set.


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  • YHC took the PAX out in Prayer

NMS:  Haha, what a fun way to start year 39! YHC may not have mentioned it, but being a part of F3, especially among my SOJ brothers, getting stronger together across the 3 F’s, is one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable pursuits of my life. Honestly, with how chaotic the World and my life has been lately, it brings YHC great peace to have F3 as a richly rewarding constant. YHC is deeply grateful to each of you, and looking very much forward to digging deeper together, to make F3 SOJ better every year! SYITG, YHC, DTH


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