Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Walter’s Prostate


Eight on two feet and three on four-feet launched at 7 with temps sunny and 70. According to the fur-lined lady, the following may have happened:

Route: 3 plus Sally and PETA took on Buttermilk to North Bank, while 4 walked Buttermilk to Reedy Creek, back on the gravel path with Walter.

Note: Offshore is concerned about Pigskin. YHC apologies. Pigskin ran out and back – YHC believes his normal 20-20 out and back loop.

Announcements: Walter’s prostate is clear.

NMS: Plans well underway for a next set of ultra tests in the spring. Nice to see Ollivander again.

YHC has been rehabbing a couple of nicks. Nice to get out there for a solid hike and to bring along Walter for his first F3 post. With a solid 3 miles today, Walter was appreciative of the journey and the fellowship.

Good chatter at ETs. Quality of food remains a COVID-casualty.


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