Wednesday, January 26
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Freed to Pass Out


All eight of the PAX were able to find their appropriate new parking spots, and met at the new hang out spot for 45 Minutes of Mary! Rumor was one of our own indicated he would lead this morning but he may have given too much blood and bowed out. The potato was ready and waiting and Swirly picked it up to start it off.

In the light of the 100,000 lumen light fixture the Swirly led us in some stretches. Next the THANG started, everyone found a pole along the perimeter of the parking lot and there was a Native American style pole smoker, with 5x leg lifts and the rest of the pax holding feet up.

Potato was getting hot so Swirly tossed it to Oyster. Mosey on to the black top, split up into two groups of four, for a triple check. One station is the peoples chair, next YHC forgets, and then run to the fence and back. Oyster then led us over to what I believe is a dirty 4-corners. first corner 10 merkins, next, 20 jump squats, third is 30 WW2s, and YHC forgets the last one. That took a while but it also was a good workout.

Oyster tossed the potato willingly/unwillingly to YHC. Sticking to the tennis courts, ascending suicides, run to first line, one merkin, run back to start, then run to first line one merkin, run to second line, 2 merkins, then run back, rinse and repeat until all 8 lines are hit, 4 courts two lines each. Then back to the flag for some modified mary, and rounded it all out with a have a nice day stretch.

Prayers for a swift recovery for Handshake

Seymour took us out.


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  1. Apparently Beer I
    Mile and Freed to Bleed in the same week was a bad idea. I was overzealous coming off my Beer Mile victory that I donated too quickly and disqualified myself from victory.

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