Wednesday, December 1
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Not Groooooove


One Swirly shy of an even twenty this crisp fall morning. Here’s the route: 

All Runners:

  • Around baseball field to College
  • L on College


  • R on Lakewood


  • R on University


  • R on Westham
  • L on Baldwin


  • R on Patterson


  • L on Patterson
  • R on W Valley
  • R on Three Chopt
  • R on Hillside
  • L on Patterson


  • R on Hollins
  • L on Woodberry
  • R on Horsepen
  • L on Devon
  • R on Ridegtop (6s – L and touch Patterson before reversing back down)
  • L on Wheeler
  • Through lighted path
  • Right on Campus
  • Right on UR Drive
  • Back to flag

Numberama, Nameorama, COT


Apologies a plenty, first to the 6s, YHC knew your route would be 2-3 tenths short, maybe a hair more. Figured there was enough intelligence among that crew to find the extra distance. Next, to all PAX for getting TYA lost. Woodberry was way too close and easy to see once turning on Hollins. TYA guarantees to Q the next 3 weeks with a healthy helping of Groooooove. Last apology to Bone for jumping the gun on the COT, should have known GPS would follow YHC’s directions to a T and bring you back on time.  For anyone else needing an apology, call the hotline.


Good luck Seymour at Spartan

Few spots left to donate blood tomorrow – See Pigskin

Christmas Day Breaking Bread Q needed


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  1. Great route Hutton! I kept you and Upchuck in my sights for most of the run. Follow the green light…

    Great to run with and chat with Seymour (good luck dude- get some!!), Whitesnake, TYA, and especially thanks to BT for turning back to round me up after nature unfortunately called 🤷🏻‍♂️

    I could run from the house but you guys make it worth getting up early. Thanks for being you. 👊🏼

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