Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Guy Walks Into a Bar…


A lucky 11 descended upon Mary to see what the resident geriatric had in store. This is what transpired more or less:

COP: various stretches, HR Merkins, Ball-lickers. Pavillion: Partner does flutter kicks/Dollies while other runs out and back. Mosey to asphalt and hold 6 inches while Q tells poorly received joke at the same time an FNG joins our group. Do 3 rounds of donkey kicks, bear crawls, merkins, then run out and Bernie-back. Start at increments of 10 and finish at 30. Two Stations: Derkins and Dips. Perform 10/15 at each until visiting each 3 times. Run to courts: Bear Crawls, Crawl Bears, Crab Walks, Polar Bears. Classic suicides covering all 4 courts. Finish with a few minutes of Mary.


Nice to have an FNG join us in the midst of the workout. YHC’s timing of telling an offense joke at the same time our visitor arrived was impeccible. Unfortunately the name given (Radar) was already taken so the Q will rely on feedback in this BB and pick the final.

Welcome Packing Peanut…named for his work on eco-friendly package-filler

Announcements: Beer Mile (see Handshake or Faceplant…the two are the same to me). Blood Donation: Please see Pigskin. Bear Creek 10 Mile.

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  1. Focus Group, Peloton, packing peanut, peanut, focus…

    I like Saks and the others you suggested as well. Just throwing out what I came up with.

    Welcome Jed! We will figure out the name thing. Hope to see you this Saturday at Dogpile

  2. I wasn’t there, but I heard the context was about bad eye sight. Mind immediately went to the Wash Out character on Hot Shots who had Walleye Vision. Hope to see you soon Jed.

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