Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

17 Strong


17 men met in the morning gloom. We made fun of each other. We encouraged each other. It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

COP: Warmuparama started with arm circles, then cherry pickers, don quixote’s, side straddle hops, mt. climbers, WWIIs and rounded out with some merkins.

The Thang:

Quarter Pounders – Jog to the 1st quarter of the field, do 25 merkins, then sprint back. Jog to the center for 50 squats, sprint back. Then 75 LBCs at the 3rd quarter mark…100 side straddle hops before sprinting back the length of the field.

Valley of Ill Repute for 11s – It might have more aptly been named the Valley of Ill Communication. Apparently, the instructions were super clear-ish. 17 men strong, in mostly dark clothing, before the sun was up, ran into the valley and up the hill for 10 burpees and some of us then went to the other side for one 2-count lunge, then 9 burpees and two 2-count lunges, etc. Wilson, what could go wrong?

Coupon Sit Up Pass – Partners sat facing one another in the sit up position, one did a Coupon Sit Up while his partner did a WWII, then the coupon was passed between them, as they then switched duties.  Each man did 25 WWIIs alternating with 25 Coupon Sit Ups.  Bodos and Bacon Bits seemed to crack the code on this one by locking feet.  But then they went and (I believe) did double the amount.  They’re gonna feel that.  

Triple Check – Murder Bunnies was the timer while partners Flutter Kicked and Monkey Humped.  Also, GP taught us the proper way to Murder Bunny.  I’d share his method, but it’s inappropriate.  

Native American Run – The Pax paid homage to the original Americans while moseying in unity BTTF.  

2 min of various Merkins, selected by each man, around the shovel flag, wrapped it up.  

Numberama. Namearama.
Announcearama: There was a GP-led Sit & Sip last night (hope it was a good time), Upchuck shared that there is an opening spot for Breaking Bread after Thanksgiving that needs filling and DTH informed the group of the passing of F3 member Joe Ferguson, known to F3 as Chisel.  
Pigskin was not present, but please be aware of his announcement on Slack: “I set up a new channel, Freed to Bleed, for the next blood drive.  
1 We need donors. 😃
2 We need people to announce at the AOs about the blood drive.
3 We need volunteers the day of the blood drive to setup, sign people in and to return the site better than we found it.
Details: Wednesday, October 20 at Good Shepherd Lutheran in Midlothian (off 288). The same place as back in the spring. (FYI edited to correct the day of the week.)
There is always a need for blood.
Sign up at http://redcrossblood.org donate blood, find a blood drive and enter “F3” as the sponsor code.

Prayer Requests were followed by a truly-moving Prayer by Probation.  Thx buddy!  

I left the AO feeling grateful to be a part of this brotherhood, grateful for another day of life and grateful to get through my VQ without completely embarrassing myself.  This F3 thing is truly special and I’m honored to be a part of it.  



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