Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sunday Runday


A gaggle of men, some topless and some clothed, hit the dirt slopes on Sunday. Temps continued to be flat at 70 and sunny. According to the really fast dude who went flying past YHC, the following likely happened:

Route: South Bank (Buttermilk), optional lariat, T. Pottersfield Bridge, (meet Fire Elf), return to base via North Bank.

NMS: YHC left at the end of the run. No idea what happened. Hopefully, Sippy Cup made it home on time.


F3RVA Retreat is Saturday. Bring your meat, your ball glove, your social skills, and your desire to defeat the Stache Brothers. See address on Slack.

Pigskin has organized a Freed to Bleed blood drive Wednesday, October 20, 2021 at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Midlothian (Tuckahoe and Mechanicsvillians: that’s south of the river.) Volunteers are needed, so take a look at your calendar and pick out a 2 hour slot on the calendar to help staff the event!

Gypsy is collecting shoes that are in reasonably good shape. Drop him a line for details.


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