Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Back To School (Night)


Thirty Four perennial 4th graders posted for a Back to School version of Field Day. Bus after bus after bus pulled into the parking lot (in the case of Hardywood, it’s a true statement) to bring the heat and feel the pain. The uniform machine was strong, with West Enders dawning their usual and respected popped collars. D’Ville stepped up their game in a big way, bringing a Mechanicsville sponsorship into the fold. Well done men! Free oil changes, or something, for everyone!

7:01 – Let’s mosey to the field. Four teams of 8/9 were establishe.

Crab Soccer opened up the games. Eight minute games. Tight matches on the pitch ensued, with Team Southside (including YHC on a borrowed contract from City Proper) took both matches in style. There were no controversial goals.

Olympic Relays were next: Wheelbarrow out to the cone, BooYah Merkins x 10, switch and wheelbarrow back. Team City Proper won the podium. Sack Races were next. Form varied, and there were surprise performances. Mudface showed serious agility and speed, while TYA and Bone Thugs showed neither. Handshake took a Matrix dive in slo-mo in a valiant effort to cross the line in front. To no avail, he came up five feet short. Once again, City Proper took the podium.

Marathon: COVID appropriate Tunnel of Love across the field. For a third time, City Proper took Gold.

Merkin Egg Toss: Several rounds. After each round, distance got greater and Merkins got more difficult. Merkins x 10 / Chuck Norris Merkins x 10 / Diamond Merkins x 10. Team D’ville took the entire podium, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Competition is now fully on.

Tug Of War: Gladiators came together in epic battles of muscle torque and gusto. Not really, but it sounds good. In the end, Mudface and company were too much to handle.


Announcements: 1st Inaugural 3rd Annual F3RVA Retreat is next Saturday at Gomer’s family farm in Amelia. Contact me or Gomer for the address. Gates open at 1:00. Cornhole will commence around 2:30. Sign up in Google Docs, Monthly Challenges. This is a bring your own everything event. We will provide a grill, you bring the rest. There are no formalities other than corn hole. There is plenty of room for yard games. Have a baseball catch, play birdie ball, Try Hard may bring his ropin’ station – who knows. Do bring a dish for the group to share.

COT: Let us be ever mindful to remember where we came from. For me, I come from F3RVA in many ways. I miss you all dearly, and am always grateful to be with you, my brothers. Today was a special honor for me to lead. As we grow and separate from various phases of our lives, let us not forget where we came from. Embrace your heritage, embrace your upbringing. Hold them tight and never allow them to be forgotten.

It was a pleasure to lead.


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    • Killer time, fellas! We’ll done Viiny, and great to see folks from all over. May have to work in a Field Day training session next year since I used muscles tha I didn’t know I had and feel like I’ve got whiplash from trying to anchor against Mudface.

  1. Vinny, great backblast and awesome job leading the Pax to a well planned competition. It was great seeing you and Hardywood this morning. Have a great weekend gents, Cheers…CB

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