Thursday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Glenbrooke Circle Walk-About


Seven strong hit the streets around the AO of First Watch this early morning with a goal of stretching out the legs again, similar to Last Call’s Q last week. After Handshake steamrolled into the parking lot. This is what went down:

Mosey over to the front church patio for:


Dead Man Hang, Touch the Sky, DQ’s, Russian Soldiers, Box Cutters, Scorpion Kicks, 5 Burpees OYO

Fast mosey West on River Rd to the entrance of Glenbrooke Hills.

Traveling 11’s up E. Glenbrooke: Merkins and Heels to Heaven with Bear Crawl from one side of road to the other in between exercises.

Traveling Lindsey down W. Glenbrooke: Carolina Dry Docks and Squats.

Stop at Summit and partner up for Catch Me if you Can. One partner Bernie Sanders up Summit while other partner performs 3 Burpees and then catch your partner. Switch up a few times until you reach the summit of Summit.

Mosey back down and stop several times on the way back to the AO to perform several exercises including APD’s, Rosalita’s, Reverse Crunches, LBC’s and Flutter Kicks.

Merkin Ring of Fire at the VSF with each pax picking a different style of merkin and perform 10 OYO while other pax planks.

Numbers, Names, Announcements and YHC took us out!

Announcements: HDHH/Hill Run at Honeydo’s house next Wednesday. Handshake wants to know if Honeydo will post again before that….


Nice cooler temperatures this morning made for a nice little jaunt out to Glenbrooke Hills and back. YHC really enjoyed(hated) Last Call’s traveling Q last week, so why not do it again in a different direction. Opening things up and stretching the legs is greatly needed for YHC these days. The FW Pax has hit pretty much every neighborhood surrounding the AO except for this one, so YHC felt like it was time to check it out. It’s definitely headlamp season at FW now and is only going to get darker at 0500! Splinter was not able to get any foreplay from Handshake since he was late. Coffeeteria for Splinter, Lockjaw, EF Hutton and Upchuck(?) afterwards.

Enjoy the day, men!



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  1. That summit hill is nasty. Nice AO expansion Kubota. Hard to post when at the beach for a week Handshake, someone just got uninvited for hrhdhh next week…

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