Thursday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Back in the saddle again


6 SOJ regulars for a sunny 70 degree start at 5:30 in the Gloom. YHC enjoyed a trip to Indiana but is glad to be back home to pick up the Q at No Toll

COP in the far parking lot

DQ’s, Helicopters, Weed Pickers, Arm Pretzels, Russian Soldiers, Imperial Walkers, Merkins

Mosey to the end of lot for parking lot Crawls

Bear crawl from line to line increasing merkins at each line by 1 until 10. Reverse and crab walk back to the start with LBC’s at each line increasing by 2

Mosey to the far corner for a regular 4 corners abs (10) American Hammers, (20) Scrunchy Frogs, (30) Sugar Sticks, (40) Knee Slides

Mosey to the Pavilion for a triple check

Partner 1 does Dips, partner 2 does Decline Merkins, partner 3 runs a lap around the field (after first lap we modified the run to just across and back)

Mosey back to the parking lot for another 4 corners but this one was a prostitute

(10) Squats, (20) Lunges, (30) Jump Squats, (40) Calf raises

Time was called BTTF

Numbers / Names YHC took us out


YHC highly recommends that if you are not already on the National Slack channel, get connected. There is a lot of Mumblechatter but its a great way to hear how things are going in other states and YHC was able to find out some great intel on the AO’s that we where visiting before we made the 40 minute drive at 4:15 in the morning.


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  1. Strong work this morning guys. Thanks for leaving the Q open for me to pick up when I got back. It felt good to see familiar faces again, I like traveling and hitting up other AO’s but I love my F3 home base.

  2. Solid Q as always Doozy. Progressively got harder and harder. All PAX gave a sigh of relief when you called an audible on the running distance for the triple check haha. And nice ending with a brutal finish on the legs. Burner….

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