Thursday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Continuous Loop


A lucky 7 early morning veterans rose early to see what YHC had in store on the unforgiving streets surrounding First Watch. 5.30 came with Handshake coming in hot, off we go for a visit to Henrico’s smallest and darkest park between Ridge and Westham.

Introduction, waiver and quick warm up including DQ’s, Cherry Pickers and Helicopters. Everyone seemed warm so off we go for a long mosey along River Road to Highland Road. Make it quick to avoid traffic on this dark morning. Everyone safe, lets roll into the THANG:

Meet up on Highland for Mailbox Merkins and WWII’s. 10 merkins for mailboxes on the right, 10 WWII’s for mailboxes on the left. Move as a group all the way down to Westham Station along the canal. Mailboxes seem to favor one side of the street, often doubling up to avoid the hooligans still playing mailbox baseball.

Arriving at Westham Station, partner up for triple check. Shoulder Taps, Squats performed under the flourscent glow of the street light while the runner crossed the canal bridge, railroad tracks 100 yards or so. Rumored to be some signage along the route but it was too dark for YHC to read. Continue on for 2 rounds as there is more to do.

Traveling east on Westham Station with partners. Runner goes to 1st No Parking sign while partner performs Broad Jump Burpees. Between 1st & 2nd No Parking sign – exercises change to lunges with runner pacing to next sign. Between 2nd No Parking sign and corner of Westham & Ridge, dealers choice between reverse lunge or bear crawl.

Still time left, Lindsay up Ridge stopping at each intersection to perform 30 Carolina Drydocks and 10 Imperial Walkers. Next intersection, 25/15; next 20/20, etc until 10/30 at the flag. Little extra credit was needed to complete.

Numbers, Names, Prayers, Announcements. YHC took us out in an embarrassing poor fashion.


Squirrels Baseball on Saturday. See Bone Thugs if interested;

Honeydo hosting a Hill Run happy hour at his kid free casa in August. Dets coming shortly;

Breaking Bread is open beginning in September. Step up as it is a great experience. Backblasts for this are appreciated;

Prayers for Upchuck’s M, not just for enduring the random thoughts of Upchuck,but she is also currently facing a challenging time. Hope all works out.

NMS: After a few weeks of staying onsite, it was time for a road trip. PAX crushed it today from what Google Earth tells me was 2.75 miles. Constant motion as we did plenty of work in 45 minutes with minimal repetition and in humid conditions. Plenty of mumble chatter along the way. Always a pleasure being with the earliest AO. You guys rocked this loop with ease. Next time, need to extend the quick River Road mosey to Panarama.


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  1. Felt more like 3.75 miles. Maybe because of the hills at FW. Glad for the audible on the triple check. The run down the road, dip your head in the river & run back was way more than .1 miles roundtrip.

  2. Boom! Way to bring the heavy stuff. Shirt and shorts in full drip mode. Nice to work with all 7 of you today.

    For the record, the Q smoked everyone on the initial run down River. Fastest quarter mile of the year.

  3. Well done! I liked getting some cardio with some beat downs. I was thankful we did not have any cars gunning down river while we were moseying.

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