Thursday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sleepy Saturday?


19 warriors met up to cap off the week on a nice low humidity summer morning. This is how it went down, more or less. 

Five Burpee Start to wake up the PAX

Mosey to COP.  Disclaimer. Side straddle hop x2. Pick up blocks  

Rusty cage. Triple check: P1 five pull-ups,  then block curls; P2 Abyss Merkins with blocks. Runner to fire hydrant and back.

Mosey to Pipe Loop. Triple check: Block sit ups & Block presses.

Mosey to base of Love Hill. 2 Partner evolutions,  switching at big rock

  1. Runner out 100 strides. Partner carries both blocks 
  2. Runner with both blocks. Partner 5 merkins 10 lunges and catch runner 

Valley of Despair.  11s merkins and WW2s.  LBC for the 6. Call it to mosey BTTF.

5 burpees to wrap it all up 

NMS – Great to see everyone.  Was surprised to see an open Q in July so jumped on it.  Great to have a visit from Nip Tuck from New Orleans and Pennsyltuckey from Charleston today.  Both are passing through and stopped in to see what we have going on in RVA. Hope y’all find something fun.  


  • Even if you’re not doing the summer tour consider a donation to Mr Rogers organization. 
  • HOME RUN Derby @ Heartbreak 7/27, Check with EF Hutton for more 
  • F3 night at the Flying Squirrels 7/31, check with Bone Thugs for more
  • Vinny’s BRR hill run training 8/28
  • BRR September 10-11
  • F3 RVA sit and sip 9/25 – PreBlast out soon

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