Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Shark Week Returns Live


Behold the return of Shark Week, 20 brave souls arrived at the AO for a water filled beatdown.


Run to the Field at Mart for COP, “Standard Shark Week F3RVA disclaimer”

20x SSH, 10x Merkins, 20x LBC’s, 15x Arm Circles

TYA Lead the run to the Field in front of the Church for a BEAST filled with Merkins, Knee Bends, single knee bends & Burpees

Swirly Lead the run to the Pool.

100x Wet World War II sit-ups OYO

Sharks and Minnows, TYA and Swirly Lead Sharks

A long dissertation and discussion of how to actually play Marco Polo with the origins of the where Marco Polo’s Route and Discoveries were ( Unfortunately, the map reading session along with Q&A was cut short) immediately followed by actually playing Marco Polo

Return to the Flag

COT with Bodos closing us out with Prayer.


YHC appreciates everyone putting up with Shark week, and as it appears, Bleeder can’t run from here to there without collapsing, (please use your best Col. Nathan R Jessup voice when reading that line) YHC is glad the bike is still a viable option for moving at HROS ( High Rate of Speed)

Being able to Q a unique event that’s almost mini-CSAUP is always fun, although, like a good shark attack, you never know when they will strike, but being able to read the signs is helpful. Gee, Bleeder’s signed up to Q at the end of July or beginning of August has become the leading indicator. Happy to be able to report that we did catch a few folks unaware of the events that would unfold in the gloom this AM.

Glad to see Viral back in action this morning!

Bleeder OUT


HOME RUN Derby Tuckahoe Little League, Check with EF Hutton for more Details

July 31st, F3 night at the Flying Squirrels- Check with Bone Thug for More info


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