Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Someone Murder that Bunny!!!


6 Ground and pounders and 3 fleet footed runners made it out to a Doozy Q on a sunny and 70 degree morning with about 1,000% Humidity.

COP at the bus loop

DQ’s, Helicopters, Hillbillies, Russian Soldiers, Merkins, LBC’s

Mosey to the side walk by the school split up into an A team and a B team (3 per side) 2 partners hold plank while partner 1 runs to touch a tree on the other side. Switch until there is a winner. Team B won the race so doors it is.

Mosey to the first door, Exercises are alternate between squats and 2 count lunges. To get to the next door alternate between bear crawls and murder bunnies. Between door 10 and 11 switch to a Bernie Sanders and run between the doors, exercises stay the same. Between door 20 and 21 switch back to bear crawls and murder bunnies. Between door 30 and 31 switch again.

Work on some elevens with the curbs on either side

10 Incline merkins and 1 decline merkins with a bear crawl and crawl bear in between time called because Wilsons watch runs fast


Numbers / Names Don Draper took us out


YHC had a plan and the workout was going to be the same regardless, the race at the beginning was just to determine the location. If team A would have won we would have basically done the same exercises but it would have been on the track instead of at the doors. While enjoying the murder bunnies along the back side of the school Wilson spotted a bunny and the suggestion was made to kill it and maybe that would somehow end the pain that was being inflicted. At that point apparently nobody had the energy to chase the bunny and see if it would work.


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