Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ultimate Heartbreak


11 hippy looking dudes showed up for some Ultimate frisbee this morning…some knowing what was coming, others didnt have a clue. After convincing almost everybody to give it a shot, we got going to the dewy field of Heartbreak for some fun.

The light was not optimal and the frisbee was always wet, but no excuses were made for the multitude of bad throws and many drops. Fun was still had by all, and the dark jerseys won out with their extra man. MVP standout was definitely Snuff…he has skills. Bodos quickly found out that Snuff was his man and they made for a tough duo to beat. Lights tried our best to mount a comeback, but we just couldnt find the connection to hang in there.

Well played by all, look forward to next June when we can run it all back again. In the mean time, if you want to play pickup, let me know! Many games around the RVA for pickup, and I am always willing to play.

Apology of the week goes out to Oyster and anybody that was guarded by Bodos for the violation of the 1 meter rule. It is a disc space rule….see below (marker is the person guarding the thrower):

Disc space:

  1. It is a disc space violation if:
    1. any part of the marker is less than one disc diameter away from the torso of the thrower; or
    2. a line between any two points on the marker
      1. touches the thrower; or
      2. is less than one disc diameter away from the torso or pivot of the thrower.

And now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. Great game today fellas. I may have broken the 1 meter rule and some slight trash talking. Looks like we will have 1 more chance at Ultimate Frisbee at HeartBreak lead by DTH on 8/3.

  2. Thanks for bringing Ultimate out to HBR Lab Rat. Always fun and always a good workout. When Atilla is our speedy deep threat we should have known the white shirts were in trouble…

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