Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Pre Blast: Q School Coming


This is a pre-announcement.

With all of us excited about F3 and an on-going push to headlock new guys and pull other guys back from the Fart Sack, F3RVA will be hosting a Q-School later this year. This is an invitation to each PAX member to provide input on what they suggest we cover.

Recall that one of F3’s five core principles is a two-part statement: workouts are led by a rotating Q who participates in the workouts. Rotating Q. Participates in the workouts. 

Some of the following may (or may not) be topics and / or instructors:

  1. “Counting to Three or Four,” by Mr. Holland (aka, F3RVA’s Resident Choral Instructor)
  2. “Appropriate Use of the Single Arm Circle,” by Hardywood
  3. “I Have a Question,” by Saab
  4. “Pills: Red, Green, Blue and Q,” by EF Hutton
  5. “Touch a Tree: Why It’s Worth Doing Every Q,” by YHC

Q-School is a fantastic opportunity for guys who are newer to F3RVA or PAX looking to sharpen their Qing skills to hear about the Q from guys who have years of experience. This will cover everything from having access to the Q sheet (on Google Docs!) to techniques for managing the workout. And, remember, there are many types of Q’s. Beat downs can be different from regular runs which can be different from Sunday Funday or Dirt Church. One size does not fit all.

More details to follow. In the meantime, pass the word. And, for those who have specific ideas, specific topics, or a particular experience you would like to see covered or shared, feel free to send them this way.



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  1. Rumor has it you are building a calendar function into the Google docs Q sheet.