Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Deliverance, without Mountain Man


5 wanna-be crew team members and 1 actual former crew team Number 1 or “Bow”, flopped their boats on the warm waters of King James I River at Huguenot Flatwater. At 0458, all were safely in the water, paddles ready. Here is what happened for the next hour+:

Paddle over to the reduced-in-size sandbar from last year while fighting an unpredictable current that seemed to turn the boats at a second’s notice. After landing on the sandbar and securing the boats, circle up for:


Dead-Man Hang, Helicopters, DQ’s, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, American Hammers

Staying in circle, 10 x Overhead Presses with boulder that was conveniently laying on sandbar. Pass clockwise while other PAX are in Al Gore position.

Triple Check:

WWII’s, Squats, Timer hops in a boat and rows up the strong current to a designated point and returns to sandbar, trying not to bottom out halfway back. This is where the shoes get wet! Switch-a-roo. One round because of time.

10 x Sand Burpees OYO

20 x Sandy Alabama Prom Dates IC

Bear Crawl up Sand Dune?? No, learned lesson from last year.

Clock is ticking, sunrise is coming…

Hop in boats and start paddling upstream.

6 Rounds of Intervals:

60 seconds of hard paddle (strength training)/60 seconds of light paddle (recovery)

Made it past the bend to see the Willey Bridge

15 minutes left, turn bows downstream and enjoy the ride back.

Boats out of water at 0605

Numbers, Names, Announcements and YHC took us out!


WOW! Couldn’t have asked for a better morning on the water. The water and air temperature were both perfect. The clouds parted in time for a beautiful morning sky and the water level was just right. Current was flowing fast and tricky at a few spots, especially near the sandbar. Thankfully, the sand dune was cut-off this year, so we didn’t have to do Honeydo’s sandy bear crawl up the hill exercise. The random boulder proved to be useful. YHC wanted to try to make it to the Willey Bridge, but it would have taken another 15 minutes, so back we floated. This was the best part of the morning, just recovering from the upstream paddle and enjoying the sights, sounds and the fellowship. No injuries, no drownings, no worries at all.

Upchuck is our resident F3RVA Crew expert, btw 🙂

Enjoyed it fellas! We will try to do this again in the Fall!

Have a great day!



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