Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What’s a bunny hop?


Warmarama :

20 four count SSH

10 four count Don Quixote’s

10 four count Russian Soldiers

10 four count cherry pickers

10 four count merkins


Indigenous run around entire Huguenot Park including parking lots, soccer fields and trails 

Arrive back at parking lot near soccer fields for 4 corners :

1st corner : 50 merkins then bear crawl to next corner

2nd corner : 50 lunges then front facing crab walk to next corner

3rd corner : 50 pole smokers then BUNNY HOP to next corner (YHC realized the PAX had a different definition of Bunny Hop haha. YHC’s recommended version is a murder bunny without the cinder block. Some call it kangaroo hop)

4Th corner : 50 WWII’s then sprint to final corner

Mosey back to basketball courts for COP ab session. Each PAX chooses an ab exercise of 25 reps. We did :

25 double count American hammers

25 four count crunchy frogs

25 LBC’s

25 Hello Dollie’s

I can’t remember Tobit’s exercise

Elbow to ground to plank variations on each side

Spell the alphabet with your legs

25 V Ups

25 four count flutters





Emoji and The Carpenter’s going away party tonight : happy hour at PBR Hanover (9325 CHAMBERLAYNE ROAD, MECHANICSVILLE, VA 23116) starting at 5:30.

Huguenot flat water kayaking tomorrow (Wednesday) from 5 am to 6 am

Tobit’s mother’s hip surgery went well. Pray for Tobit’s grandmother who has dementia and possibly only 1 week left here on earth before she passes

YHC’s best man in his wedding Nate Sardinas lost his father on Father’s Day right in front of his eyes in the kitchen. His dad dropped to the floor and he tried CPR before his dad passed away. Prayers for Nate and his family. Can’t even imagine going through that. 

YHC’s M is in the final stretch of pregnancy. Due date is July 5 so the next 2.0 will be here any day now. Prayers appreciated. 




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