Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Park Where? Blasphemy


Fourteen in various stages of dress took on F3RVA’s hilliest Tuesday morning run.  Here’s where they went: 


  • Out to College around Pitt Field
  • R on University Dr
  • R on Westham
  • L on Lindsay Dr
  • R on Lindsay Ct to bottom and back
  • Continue on Lindsay Dr
  • R on Forest


  • R on Rock Creek
  • R on Baldwin
  • R on Wood
  • L on Lakewood
  • L on College
  • R behind Pitt Field
  • Loop of the Lake
  • Back to flag

5s/ 6s

  • L on University Blvd
  • L on Arlington
  • R on University Blvd
  • L on Forest
  • Pick up 4s Route
  • On College continue past Pitt Field
  • R on Campus
  • R on UR Drive
  • Back to flag


  • After Arlington L on University Blvd
  • Touch Glendale and Reverso back to Forest
  • Pick up 5s Route

Numberama, Nameorama, COT


Several PAX from Hoedown were tortured with extreme 11s on Lindsay Ct yesterday, YHC included.  Splinter was 1 shy of completion, so YHC figured he should return.  Plus it sucks in a way only F3 men can appreciate.  Marv’s weather app promises cooler less humid mornings this week, but today was not that.  It was hot and extremely moist.  Saab bucked the route, presumably in search of dryer air.  At the risk of starting a mutiny, F3RVA’s resident Sensei has suggested that the PAX meet at the parking lot on the corner of UR Dr and Richmond Way to avoid speeding golf carts, trash trucks, buses, and Swan Goose sh*t.  Some say that’s Blasphemy.  Next week will decide it.


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