Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Honor Your Partner


Four gluttons arose from the humidity to challenge themselves in the name of this the most recent version of The Punisher. Temps were a steady sunny and 70, plus or minus 30. According to the Arabian Desert Foxes burrowing away from the heat, this is more or less what happened:

Mosey to the far back corner along Hermitage under the big oak tree for the COP:

Dead Man Hang

Honor Your First Partner – 1st man runs around the soccer (football) goal, returns to the shade. 2nd man does an exercise.

3 rounds of ’mercans
3 rounds of reverse crunches
3 rounds of squats

Mosey to the Covered Benches – Honor a Different Partner

1 round of derkins
1 round of incline ’mercans
1 round of dips

1 round of LBCs
1 round of WWIIs
1 round of snow angels

Mosey to the Parking Lot. (It’s actually about 95, so FIFA rules require a water break.)

Honor Your Partner – Round 3 (pick a 3rd different partner)

1 man runs to the corner, ‘round the bend, and back to the shade
2nd man does squats. 3 Rounds.

Mosey to the School Wall – No Partner. EMFHS.

Three of the PAX pick one exercise each. Each PAX starts with their own exercise and the fourth man runs as the timer. Rotate through each of the three exercises and the run.

Round 1: flutter kicks, crab cakes, APDs, run

Round 2: monkey humpers, Suzanne Summers, LBCs, run

Round 3: dying cockroaches, squats, something else, run

Round 4: burpees, arm circles, donkey kicks, run

Mosey back to the VSF / Shade in the parking lot for some yoga/Mary.

Pop open a cold orange soda, grab a popsicle, and share numbers, names, and some good vibes with some amigos.


Breaking Bread needs two days covered this summer – July 24 and August 28. With 24 dinners to cover each year, it would be excellent to have some new blood jump in. Please sign up!

Let’s put together some good thoughts for J’Ville and his back.


With temperatures close to 100 this afternoon, pre-workout texting focused on bringing water, much like the Euro soccer matches that now have a mandatory water break. That prompted cracks about bringing oranges for halftime, and before the PAX knew what hit them, one PAX showed up with popsicles, and the Q showed up with orange soda. Mmmm. Good stuff after a super-sweaty beat down.

Nice to have Hutton back out there. Hope the healing continues. Keep the PAX posted on the winning tattoo suggestion.

UpChuck spits the bit.


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