Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

There is no Me in Team (yes there is)


6 men and two Gerrys descended upon Mary to make the best of her landscape. This is what transpired, more or less

Quasi warmup which included a round of ball-lickers. Lots of out and back running on the courts with copious exercises in between. Partner Doras that weren’t really partner Doras, more running while mixing dips and derkins in between, then chicken peckers, more polar bears, and running. Finish with a few minutes of Mary (abs)….(did I mention there was a lot of running….)

NMS: Ball-lickers were a hit although it appears more practice and dexterity are needed. Bodos aptly pointed out that “there is no I in Team”….can’t argue with that analysis. Speaking of Bodos he is looking to add another female to his nest which will make it 6. Much respect Bodos, you are a kind, giving, and accepting fellow…attributes we should all be aspiring to every day.

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