Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Looking forward to some Ronald


A prime 11 found RVAs darkest AO to have some sunlight in the COP.

COP: SSH, Don Qs, Imperial Walkers, Reverse Crunches, Merkins, Scorpion Kicks. Mosey over to 3rd lot:

THE THANG: 11s of HRMs and V-Ups. Over to secret coupon garden, a few seconds of Boat & Cano then Partner up: 3 Rounds of Thrusters while other runs the lot. 60 Block presses. 4 corners with blocks lunging between of 25 Squats, Swings, and Curls4theGirls.

Drop coupons and head down to Triple check loop. Triple was Donkey Kicks, WWIIs and the loop. Finish with “Bearrow the Loop” aka 5 merkins at each arrow the main lot with bear crawl in between. Back to flag with an impromptu BOM-COT. YHC took us out.

Announcements: Memorial Day at Tredegar downtown 7:00. Be there if you’re in town. Breaking Bread needs summer Qs.

NMS: Nice numbers, great weather, and ample light this morning. YHC had toyed with a tax day theme but didn’t feel right without our resident accountant EF Hutton out there with us. Apparently Thrusters have been added to YHC’s favorite things list to go alongside Donkey Kicks, Bear Crawl, and Scorpion Kicks.

The Ball of Man COT felt good to try again, sorry if that bothered anyone. Bodos has forgotten how bad we smell. BB title is a reference to good round of mumblechatter afterward. Shiplap’s presence at First Watch has been formally requested so he might win a OSOTW award.


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