Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Supersize Me


Twenty four gluttons for punishment rolled up to Dogpile this morning, hungry for a beatdown. Here’s what they found in the Happy Meal box:

Warmarama: mosey to the near crop circle; welcome, disclaimer, SSH x 20, IW x 10, Russian Soldiers x 10, Don Quixotes x 10, Freddie Mercuries x 20, Flutter Kicks x 20; APDs x 10, merkins x 10; grab a coupon and mosey to the Carillon field to start

THANG 1: Quarter Pounder With Cheese
i. mosey w/ coupon 25 yards, 25 x 2 count American Coupon Hammers; Bernie Sanders back;
ii. 50 yard mosey, 50 x squat presses; Bernie Sanders back
iii. 75 yard mosey, 75 x 2 count mountain climbers; Bernie Sanders back
iv. 100 yard mosey, 100 x SSHs; Bernie Sanders back to 25 yard line
v. Murder Bunnies back in. Take the coupons to the far crop circle for

THANG 2: Fries and Rings and Tots
Partner up for triple check. PAX 1 runs to Ha’Penny Stage and back, PAX 2 coupon curls, PAX 3 coupon WWIIs. Three rounds. Stash coupons and mosey to amphitheater for

THANG 3: Are you gonna finish that shake?
Ascending incline merkins: Step 1 = 1 merkin, Step 2 = 2 merkins, etc. Audible called for time and blasted upper bodies at 10.

BTTF for Old Man Stretches™ and 10 burpees OYO.

Numbers, names and YHC took us out.

NMMS: Prayers for Pavarotti’s family and the healing of his cousin, David Patterson, who was struck by a car while commuting on his bike and is in a medically induced coma. Upchuck has deets on how to donate to support covax efforts in India. Gomer Pyle previewed the upcoming annual medical mission trip to the Honduras – organized by the Friends of Barnabas Healthcare for Children group. A worthy effort – YHC donated previously and will do so again. Tclaps to Phonics for headlocking a colleague. Have a great Mothers Day tomorrow, gents – let’s show those Ms and Momz in our lives how much we appreciate them. It was a privilege to lead today; you guys crushed a varsity level workout.

SYITG! Doublemint


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  1. Very nicely done today, Doublemint. Varsity level stuff, especially on that Quarter Pounder. Murder Bunnies with Cheese are no bueno; just glad for the nice “fall” temps.

    Nice to partner with Opus, Angus, and my old pal, Shakedown. Good to catch up.

    Welcome MILF. On Mother’s Day weekend. Oh, man.

  2. Nice Q Doublemint. Good seeing you all and partnering with Mr Rogers and Garbage Plate.

    Welcome back OBT.

    Welcome MILF. They say the harder beatdowns being folks back. But sometimes tough names are a barrier-we hope not.

    Now we need a Hunter.

    Gitty up!

  3. Corned Beef on

    Great coupon work this morning, and enjoyed this happy meal you served up. Nice stretching at the end, important and proper follow up for this heavy workout. Great partnering with Bulkhead and Faceplant. Welcome MILF, glad you were able to make it this morning, A Mother’s Day weekend beat down to remember. Cheers…CB

  4. Well done Doublenimt- I too worry about losing a FNG because of a name. Phonics will have to tell him we mean it in the best way. Lol.

    I’m all about the cool down stretch session

    Great to catch up with so many guys this morning. I love Dogpile. The Healing Place run after suffered a bit but it was worth it

  5. I agree Swiper. Even if he is comfortable with the nickname, I am not. I believe we need to come up with a different nickname and I am hopeful my colleague will continue to post.

    • Agreed. This is one worth changing.

      It’s ultimately the Qs decision for the name.

      If you go with riffing on the Lakers, you might consider “Sterling” as well. It sounds good, but has the added benefit of being a subtle reference to the totally disgraceful former owner of the Clippers.

  6. The Q is going with Flash Card.

    Thanks for the input and airing concerns – one strength of this group is it’s collective wisdom, which promotes course correcting when necessary to get to the right place. SYITG!

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