Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Some Additions to the F3 RVA Lore


The route today was Forest Hill loop + spur both ways for about 7 miles. Saab ran the roads.

Welcome to FNG Anthrax, caregiver of Peeta the K9. Apparently, joining F3 was only ~5 years in the making. He shares an office with TYA. Some alternate names were discussed at ET’s.

Sally and Peeta took good care of each other and the PAX. They made sure that all squirrels were off the ground and properly placed in a tree somewhere.

At ET’s, the PAX regaled each other with timeless stories like, “I once ate cheese with an apple” and, “My review of upper Shirley vineyards? They drank wine and I don’t care for it so I didn’t.”

Prayers for a full and speedy recovery for EF Hutton.


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  1. You forgot “I once watched Pitch Perfect and found it mildly entertaining…..” AND. “ My ancestor set fire to Atlanta during the civil war”…which wasn’t a very nice thing to do.

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