Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

If you can smile while running, you’re not running fast enough


We ran…and it was glorious. According to three of our watches, total distance logged was about 8.4 miles. Boberry’s ever optimistic and encouraging watch clocked 10.

Don Draper had a new route for us this morning (much welcomed) that required the PAX to high jump over a gate guarded by Chesterfield police and scale a 10 ft fence. Ok, so maybe neither of those things happened…Draper always managed to find the secret path around said barriers. It was good to explore some new territory through Charter Colony and Walton Park.

We joined Wilson, Herme, Aisle 5, and Otto/Asshole the dog at Starbucks for some good post-run second F.

Prayers for a quick recovery for EF Hutton.


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