Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What we need is … More Pull-ups!


4 regulars and 1 distant friend from the northern regions assembled at Twin Team for what they may or may not have understood was going to be a Murph and the final addition of Doozy’s favorite workouts.

COP quick mosey under the cover in front of BW

DQ’s, Helicopters, Cherry Pickers

Mosey down to JRHS around the track one time and up to the playground behind BW

10 Pullups OYO, 10 Merkins IC, 15 Squats IC X 10 reps

Mosey back around the JRHS track and to the front of BW

Several minutes left

Merkin ring of fire PAX holds plank while each member does 10 Merkins

Ab ring of fire PAX holds frozen scrunchy frog while each member does ab exercise of his choice.

Numbers / Names Tobit took us out


As the last addition of YHC’s favorite workouts came to an end I reflected on how these 4 workouts over the last 4 days where my favorites but I also realized its not really the workout or the AO that makes them great. It’s getting to hang out with some of the best group of guys that push me to get better each day. Thank you for all the birthday wishes and for just being there each and every day rain or shine.


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    • Another great workout, Doozy. Thanks for the reflections. I agree that the fellowship is definitely a big part of what gets me out of bed for an early morning workout. Grateful to be able to spend that time in the gloom with a brother like you! Here’s to another trip around the sun!

  1. Also, surprised that the BB didn’t include any mention of the puddle that snuck up on me! I stepped in it on that first mosey and got soaked for a rude start to the workout. Thankfully all the running dried my feet a good bit.

  2. Fastest Murph ever! Happy Birthday Doozy! Nice meeting CBD and seeing Dr. Tobit.

    Thanks for the pothole recon, Mousetrap.

    Thanks to Upchuck for passing me on Patterson and turning on Pump, so that it was safe to head to TwinTeam.

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