Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Logistics Love


A Lucky Seven converged for a mid week beatdown. Here’s what happened:

COP in Amphitheater: Deadman Hang // Helicopters // DQs // Cherry Pickers // Imperial Walkers // Russian Soldiers // Lt.Dans // LBCs // Crabcakes // Merkins // Peter Parkers // 21s // Burpees

Dora in Amphitheater: P1 runs the circuit, P2 performs exercises.
100 Jump Squats
200 Incline Merkins
300 2-count Flutter Kicks

Rusty Cage:
Round 1: 5 Pull Ups // 10 Froggers // 15 LBCs . 3x
Round 2: 5 Body Rows // 10 Plank Jacks // 15 Reverse Crunches. 3x
Round 3: 5 Chin ups // 10 2-count Inverse Crabcakes // 15 2-count American Hammers. 3x

Mosey back to the flag

Ring of Fire: Merkins // Werkins // Diamond Merkins

COT: Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out.

NMS: Great to have a strong group this morning, including newly minted Ticket to Ride (TTR). Swirly couldn’t stop talking about the logistical excellence of the raceway vaccination center, giving it his highest praise by comparing it to F3RVAs coordination of our BRR teams. High praise for YHC’s M, otherwise known as Vaccination Incident Commander and Logistical goddess.

Prayers and Props for Shiplap and Schwinn, doing a 24 hour adventure race this weekend. Lots of good advice proffered to Shiplap which he will no doubt follow diligently. Don’t get lost brother !


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